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The Story of Tailored Nutrients

Hello and welcome!

My name is Dr. Karen Sun, and I am a double board certified Internal Medicine and Holistic Integrative Medicine physician. I started my private practice in 1986, using the conventional medical model I was taught in training. I switched to functional medicine in the mid 2000’s after I reached menopause. 

Conventional medical models treat the symptoms, not the root causes of diseases. Around the time I was menopausal, I realized I had adrenal fatigue, the result of years of stress. Research led me to discover functional medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, which I began to integrate into my practice eventually switching completely from a conventional medicine model to a holistic model, treating the roots not just the symptoms of diseases. I found that if you don’t treat the roots, especially when dealing with chronic disease, symptoms may briefly disappear but will always find ways back in another form. 

I have had the opportunity to treat thousands of patients using this holistic model and have witnessed firsthand how people's live’s and health improve.  Practicing medicine the holistic way quickly became my joy, mission and purpose in life. To practice functional medicine, I use nutrition and nutraceutical supplements. I have been using the supplements on this website for my patients for the last 15 years with outstanding success. It's time tested, clinically proven, and made with pharmaceutical quality, purity, and bioavailability. 

Good health to you and your family!

  • Karen Sun, M.D.

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